Advising and Research Projects (November 4-8)

This week is devoted to advising in preparation for next week’s epic course registration. Make sure you know where you are on our Advising Week schedule. Linked here is a useful Wooster video to give you a refresher on using the advising system online. Note there is a series of these Wooster colleague self-service videos.

During the rest of the week you should be working on the FYS short paper 4 Outline assignment.

The Example FYS Research Paper should be of growing interest to you. Here is the Research Paper assignment (due December 6 by 8:00 am).

Nonsense in the News —

Nothing you don’t sadly already know: The spread of pseudoscience on social media threatens us all.

Supreme nonsense: The Mandela Effect. If you haven’t heard of it before you’re in for a treat!

CNN has done a study of the bullying and harassment vaccination advocates receive on Facebook. Shameful.

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