Research Paper

Possible research topics.–These are just a few suggestions, You can certainly come up with your own! We will avoid repeating topics we cover in class. I will add to this list periodically. Here is the Research Topic form due on September 11.

Moon landing hoax (of course!)
Denver airport
Sandy Hook truthers
Clinton body count
MKUltra mind control
Hidden technologies
Targeted individuals
Secret space programs
Philadelphia Experiment
Roswell alien spacecraft crash
Kennedy assassinations
HAARP control of weather and earthquakes
Ancient Aliens
Pyramid power
The Bosnian Pyramids
Murder of Seth Rich
George Soros conspiracies
Lost civilizations on Mars
Lost civilizations on the Moon
Atlantis myths
Anti-5G conspiracies and pseudoscience (and anti–anti-5G conspiracies!)
Jeffrey Epstein conspiracies

Student Name Research Topic
Mason Clinton Body Count
Linah Is Malala Yousafzai a CIA Plant?
Riley Bigfoot: The Elusive Great Ape of North American Folklore
Griffin Big Pharma and What They’re Hiding
Drake 5G Networks and the Mysterious Bird Experiment in the Netherlands
Amy The Illuminati & Pop Culture
Katie The Attack on 9/11 was false
Temuul The Secret Connection Between Earth and Mars
Chris M The UFO Conspiracy about the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles
Chris R The Roswell Alien Crash: Fact or Fiction?
Olivia Secret Human Cloning
Blakely Sandy Hook Truthers
Alex The Death of Paul McCartney
Jennifer The Denver Airport: An Amalgamation of the Strange and Unexplained
Charlie MK Ultra and CIA Mind Control Experiments

Below are the Short Paper #3 topics —

Student Name Conspiracy Topic
Mason Deepwater Horizon
Linah Death of Princess Diana
Riley Birds Do Not Exist = Birds are Drones
Griffin Obama Citizenship/Birther Movement
Drake Israeli Animal Spies
Amy The Disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370
Katie Area 51
Temuul Hollow Earth
Chris M Majestic 12
Chris R Moon Landing Hoax
Olivia ElsaGate
Blakely Hitler Surviving WWII
Alex George H.W. Bush and the JFK Assassination
Jennifer Atlantis
Charlie Ancient Aliens

Here is an Example FYS Research Paper.

Here is the Annotated Bibliography  assignment (due October 2 by 8:00 am)

And here is the revised Presentation and Paper assignment (due December 6 by 8:00 am)