Preparation Questions

Before each class I will post here a list of questions from the readings. These are designed to prepare you for each new discussion topic. Please bring to class a short written answer (1-3 sentences) for each question, and be ready to read it in class.

August 23 (Friday) —

We’ll start the day with our official class photo, and then hand out the Time Capsule Assignment to complete over the weekend. Then the course really begins with these preparation questions from the reading —

1. What is scientific skepticism? How is skeptic a problematic label these days?

2. Be prepared with examples for why we need neuoropsychological humility.

3. Define pareidolia and be ready, of course, with examples. Where have you most recently experienced the phenomenon?


August 21 (Wednesday) —

Our first day! No formal preparation questions. Be prepared to introduce yourselves. We will then go over the syllabus and website for the course. Finally we’ll have a discussion of our course objectives. Be ready to explain just why we need to better understand conspiracy theories and pseudoscience.

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