Holocaust Denial (continued) and GMO controversies (October 28 – November 1)

We intentionally kept this week unscheduled so we could catch up on any topics we need more time for. We also wanted to wait until we see the full range of research and conspiracy topics you chose to study. Watch this space for updates.

We will first return to Holocaust Denial, concentrating on the arguments and motivations of the deniers. For a brief review, you can watch again the short documentary The Development of the Final Solution. The BBC has an excellent historical perspective on Holocaust Denial. Here is a detailed approach to Holocaust Denial by RationalWiki.

Want a taste of raw, antisemitic Holocaust Denial? Try this Facebook page and this apparently Nazi website. Viewer be warned.

Our second topic this week will be the controversies and science of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). The webpage of the Institute for Responsible Technology will give you a taste of the anti-GMO movement. This is the link for the Anjani Thomas brief presentation on GMO dangers. Friday’s video: Pamela Ronald on the value of GMO foods.

Here is the FYS short paper 4 Outline assignment. We now have your Advisng Week schedule.

Here is an Example FYS Research Paper. Here is the Research Paper assignment (due December 6 by 8:00 am).

Nonsense in the News —

Here is a CNN feature that seems strangely sympathetic to the nonsense of “ghost-hunting”. The writer appears to take the supposed supernatural phenomena seriously.

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