Student choices of topics: Area 51 and the JFK assassination (November 18-22)

The top student choices for our topics this week are Area 51 and the Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Theories. Classics of our genre! I like these because I’ve done geological fieldwork near Area 51, and I actually remember the Kennedy Assassination (though I was just a little kid, mind you). We have divided these up into subtopics so we can do some research over the weekend. Be prepared to do your part of the Preparation Questions for 11:18 and 11:20.

Our Student Presentation Schedule is set. The first presentation is Friday, November 22. Here is the revised Presentation and Paper assignment.

Our speakers on Friday —

Amy: The Illuminati & Pop Culture
Jen: The Denver Airport: An Amalgamation of the Strange and Unexplained
Chris R.: The Roswell Alien Crash: Fact or Fiction?

Nonsense in the News —

Facebook recently began flagging some posts as “fake news”. Does it work at changing perceptions of viewers? Apparently not according to this study of media-savvy undergraduates. These students preferred to believe the news that fit their political preconceptions, regardless of the flags. Confirmation bias is hard to overcome.

The “Epstein didn’t kill himself” meme goes mainstream. Serious or trolling the Boomers?

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