Student presentations, Part II (December 7-11)

Your presentations continue. Remember the rules: Each presentation is about ten minutes, followed by no more than five minutes of questions; each presentation is supported by a PowerPoint (or equivalent) slide show; and you are giving the presentation to the whole class, not just me. I also expect full participation by the student audience. As a summary, here is the Presentation and Paper assignment.


Matt Hartzell Who really was William Shakespeare?
Ellie Howell Survival: The “Compelling Force” at Dyatlov Pass
James Rankin Darth Hitler and His Planet-Destroying Wonder Weapons



Isaac Shore Free Energy May Be a Possibility of the Future, But For Now It is Only a Conspiracy
Mirkamil Mijit Are GMO Foods Produced by Governments to Reduce the Population on Earth?
Kenzie Rogers Astrology and the Supposed Mechanisms Behind It


FRIDAY: Summary session for the last day! (Plus food and drink of some sort.)


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