Student Presentations, Part I (November 30 – December 4)

Your presentations start at last! Remember the rules: Each presentation is about ten minutes, followed by no more than five minutes of questions; each presentation is supported by a PowerPoint (or equivalent) slide show; and you are giving the presentation to the whole class, not just me. I also expect full participation by the student audience. As a summary, here is the Presentation and Paper assignment.


Harrison Walls What Caused the Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7?
Amy Kim The Lost Continent of Atlantis
Andrew Klein Conspiracy Theories about the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy



Zach Lyon Nessie: The Plesiosaur That Never Was
Aditi Sringeri The Glimpse of After-Life is a Result of the Brain’s Shock After a Near-Death Experience
Kass Murphy The Slenderman Stabbing: Who is to Blame?



Will Gore Why the Idea of Chemtrails Has No Standing in Either Science or International Politics
Eva Iannuzzi How the 1969 Apollo Moon Landings Were No Hoax — the Skeptics Are Wrong
Leah Ro Blood Type Personality Theory: A Relic of Eugenics in East Asian Countries


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