Apocalypse Now! (November 24)

Our official topic for this one-day week is a discussion of the last two chapters of the Barkun book (the 2012 apocalypse predictions and the conclusions). We can probably summarize these ideas with a conversation about your answers to Why People Believe Weird Things. We delayed this from last week because of the events in France.

Start thinking about your presentations to the class on your research topics. These will be done after the Thanksgiving Break. Each of you will have a set of PowerPoint slides you develop for ten-minute presentations followed by five minutes of questions. Here is your Link Assignment for Monday, and here again is the Research Paper Assessment sheet. For an idea of the scope of the research paper in this course, check out this Sample FYS Research Paper (pdf). As a summary, here is the Presentation and Paper assignment.

Nonsense in the News –

The growing nonsense about the Paris shootings of 11/13 as a hoax: 10 Ways it Looks Like a Hallmark False Flag Op. There will only be more of this.

Finally, creationism seems to be fading in the USA: “The people responsible for this shift are the young. According to a recent Pew Research Center report, 73 percent of American adults younger than 30 expressed some sort of belief in evolution, a jump from 61 percent in 2009, the first year in which the question was asked. The number who believed in purely secular evolution (that is, not directed by any divine power) jumped from 40 percent to a majority of 51 percent.”

The 10 worst anti-science websites, courtesy of Skeptoid.

Bigfoot hair found in Ohio! See how far this gets through the testing. I’m sure our friend Dr. Meldrum will be on it soon.

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